Bye Bye 2014. Helloooo 2015!

Happy New Year!

Look at us, all living in the future and stuff.

Did you think we’d have flying cars by now?

Frankly, I’m thankful we don’t. It’s scary enough that we allow twitchy, distracted, impatient, humans to drive cars. Can you imagine that chaos transferred to flying cars? Picture all the Jetsons dropping from the sky at random intervals? Yeeps! No thank you!

I trust you are, too.

Unless, of course, you have a flying car prototype and I have just dashed your dreams. Whoopsiedoodle! That was *so* not my intention.

You just keep plugging away. Really. It’s your dream! Follow it!

Just maybe also really, really spend some serious time and money on safety research and features, mmkay? Thanks.

So, (aside from all your awesome inventing) how did you spend the first day of 2015?

I spent a nice part of mine with my family, outside, in nature, in the cold. It’s a great way to start the year!

A bit of exercise. A little fresh air. A glimpse at what Mother Nature has to offer. I recommend it.

In fact, pretty much anytime you can be outside in nature, as opposed to inside in, well, not nature, my vote is go outside.

Here’s a peek at my Happy New Year Happy Nature Walk.






BONUS: Guy on a unicycle!


How fun is he?

I hope your day was great!

13 thoughts on “Bye Bye 2014. Helloooo 2015!

    • Thanks! I just used my iThing to take them, but that’s okay. Sometimes a speedy iThing shot is as meaningful as any other.

      The guy on the Unicycle is my favourite person in Moncton and I don’t even know him. 🙂

      Also, I keep calling it a Unicorn. Now *that* would have been something! 😉

      Happy New Year!

    • Right?!? Exactly my thinking. Oh I love a rule follower in a public space!

      I was trying to capture the essence of what I saw more so than the guy. If I hadn’t been with my family, I would have asked him if it was okay for me to take a proper photo because that really made my day!

      Happy New Year!

    • It’s a nice little park. It would be perfection if the highway wasn’t so close, but it’s nice to have some nature regardless!

      It was chilly – the Things complained – but it was about 20 degrees (C) warmer than it had been since Monday!

      Today is practically tropical at -2 (real feel -8).

      Bedford is currently PLUS 3! Imagine!

      *goes to apply sunscreen*


      Happiest of New Years to YOU!

    • Poor you! I was so sick at Christmas. Just drained.

      I hope you both get well soon!

      Five hours of Deathly Hollows sounds delightful! I think if I had have been home for NYE that’s exactly what we would have done. Thing 1 received the Blue Ray box set! 45 hours of HP! Amazing!

      All our snow days and Fridays are accounted for for a while, I think. 😉

      Happy New Year! may 2015 be filled with all good things.

  1. I can’t remember what I did on NYDay. Probably didn’t get out of my pajamas. Oh… I’m pretty sure I didn’t. I sat in front of the computer and cleaned up my inbox and got some other things out of the way. I rock!

    Happy 2015, friend! I hope it is a great year for you!

    • You do rock! It’s true!

      I hope it’s a good year, too! If I can get this switchover over and done with I’ll be so happy!

      See you in my new corner of cyberspace!

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